Nikki was first introduced to yoga in 1996. After experiencing her first class and the high that accompanied it she started on her yogic path of discovery, initially under the guidance of Simon Borg-Olivier and Shandor Remete.

After travels to India and Burma in 2000-2001, where she spent time at the Sivananda Ashram as well as investigating the meditation path through multiple Vipassana retreats, she found that the heart of yoga for her was the balance between the sthira and sukha of the practice – the balance between the spiritual and physical.

In 2001, Nikki undertook a three-year one-on-one teacher training apprenticeship with Simon Borg-Olivier and Bianca Machliss of Yoga Synergy, one of the few yoga schools in Australia still instructing in this traditional way. Nikki then taught full-time as a senior teacher for Yoga Synergy until 2008, during which time she continued to self-study and attend intensive retreats with Clive Sheridan, with whom she continues to study to this day.

From 2008-2011 Nikki also taught with Matthew Bergan at Dancing Warrior Yoga in St Peters and extensively at Body Mind Life in Rozelle. Nikki’s classes are a strong flowing style of asana; with a focus on grace of movement, alignment for flow of prana and control of the breath in order to find the full potential of the practice.

Nikki relocated to Byron Bay in early 2012, and brings with her a genuine love of Yoga in all its forms, and a desire to share this passion with others.

Om Shanti x